Production Planning and Control training week in Kongsberg

From 25th -28th October Fagskolen in Viken (FTO) invited the NeKom Partnership to Kongsberg. The Fagskolen in Viken offers higher vovational eduvation in the staded region of Norway. The relevants of vocational education is hight, the number of students raised about 34% between 2021 and 2022.

During the training week, the participants were not only able to gain insights into the FTO’s sophisticated training labs, but also to try out various learning scenarios themselve.

The ID-Lab at Fagskolen i Viken

Within the training week a company visit was integrated. The Higher VET school in Kongsberg demonstraded a close close cooperation to different companies near to the campus. The visit a GKN Aerospace offered deep insights about the competences needed in Industry 4.0 form the perspective of industry.

The NetKom4.0 Project Partnership in front of the company GKN Aerospace in Kongsberg

The visit to the Kings mine in Kongsberg gave historical insights into the history of Kongsberg and the development of mining technology.

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